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Tuna loins skinless, boneless, bloodline out 3-7 kg

Enjoy the advantages of tuna in your cusine. Tuna is par excellence part of the Mediterranean diet. It is a nutritious fish and a natural source of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Campos provides the most complete range aimed at the professional, where 100% of this easy- to-use and easy- to-prepare product can be taken advantage of. Prepared from tuna fish caught by the ALBACORA GROUP, with its guarantee of supply.

The skinless loins of tuna without bloodline are cut into halves and vacuum packed, their weight is variable and they are labelled individually. The loins have had a second cleaning in order to eliminate saltiness and oxidation and all the bloodline is removed to provide greater quality of product. The loins weight between 3 and 7 kg.

Consumer unit Sales unit Boxes per pallet
P. Neto (gr)
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