As a company participating in the INTERNATIONAL SEAFOOD SUSTAINABILITY FOUNDATION (hereinafter referred to as “ISSF”), SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA hereby publicly states its compromise with the following fishery sustainability principles:

• To guarantee, both to our clients and the final consumers, that every product we provide is obtained from stocks that are managed in a sustainable manner. More specifically, in regard to tuna, we commit to not sourcing from stocks originating from overexploited areas, or those where the stock´s sustainability is threatened. The status of the stocks can be found on the ISSF website at (
• To support initiatives which contribute to the rational exploitation of natural resources, without compromising their sustainability. We specifically focus on projects that improve the selectivity levels of fishing gears.
• To duly register every fish purchase we make, in order to certify that it meets the current legal requirements, and especially the Council Regulation (EC) no 1005/2008, establishing a Community System to prevent, deter, and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU Regulation). In this regard, SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA is committed to not purchasing fish from any company, which has one of its vessels included in an official IUU list
• To actively collect and provide data in order to favour the control of the catches and facilitate their traceability.
• To implement and enforce measures that, based in sound science, promote the sustainability of natural resources. Inter alia, we may cite the following measures currently in place:
- Prohibition of transshipments at sea (under ISSF Resolution 11-03)
- Prohibition of shark finning (please visit our anti – shark fining policy, available in this same web page)
- Prohibition to conduct any transaction with fishing companies that do not comply with ISSF Resolution 12-02 about Limitation of Capacity.
- Prohibition to conduct business with purse seiners that willingly set on marine mammals and/or sharks in tuna fisheries.
- Prohibition to purchase fish from ships that use destructive fishing methods, such as venom, explosives or similar techniques.
- The purchases of skipjack, yellowfin and bigeye tuna from Large-Scale Purse Seine Vessels, for all tides beginning after 1st January 2016, will come from ships included in the PVR list of ISSF (
As far as this measure is concerned, it will be understood as “Large-Scale Purse Seine Vessels" are those with at least 335 m3 fish hold volume.
 And, in general, those listed in the ISSF “MAKE THE COMMITMENT” project
• To support protective closed areas of sufficient size and duration, as determined by sound science, to accomplish clear conservation objectives for tuna populations and the ecosystems upon which they depend.
Therefore, fully aware of the commitment we have acquired with both our clients and customers to ensure present and future supply of products obtained from stocks that are exploited in a sustainable manner, we take an active role in various international associations that are committed to protecting our natural marine resources, such as:

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) is a global coalition of scientists, the tuna industry and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading conservation organization, promoting science-based initiatives for the long-term conservation and sustainable use of tuna stocks, reducing bycatch and promoting ecosystem health.

Earth Island Institute monitors tuna companies around the world to ensure the tuna is caught by methods that do not harm dolphins and protect the marine ecosystem.

The MSC's fishery certification program and seafood ecolabel recognise and reward sustainable fishing. It’s a global organization working with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public to promote the best environmental choice in seafood.

IPNLF is an international charity, operating worldwide to engage the market and develop pole and line fisheries. Officially registered in the United Kingdom in early 2012.

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