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Our plants

Salica Industria Alimentaria, S.A.

Polígono Industrial Landabaso, s/n
48370 Bermeo - Bizkaia
Tel. 034 946 880 500
Fax 034 946 880 376

Salica Alimentos Congelados, S.A.

Polígono Industrial A Tomada, parcelas 11-12
15940 La Puebla del Caramiñal - La Coruña
Tel. 034 981 832 833
Fax 034 981 832 512

Salica Ecuador, S.A.

Nery Chalen solar 1 y 2 Ficus, Sector Guarillo Grande
Parroquia Posorja-Guayas-Ecuador
Telephone: +59346006990

SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA: manufacturer of canned products.
SALICA ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS: manufacturer of frozen products.
SALICA DEL ECUADOR: manufacturer of canned and frozen products.

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