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Mission, Vision and Values

At SALICA we focus our activities (processing of canned and frozen products) in such a way as to offer our clients the best possible service and ensure the professional and human development of our employees. We understand that in order to safeguard the values we hold dear as a company we must look not only at the company's economic results but also the principles of a fair society and the protection of the environment in which we work.

At SALICA we believe that a business strategy based on safe, high-quality products the production of which does not affect the environment or society, can only be maintained through business practices based on the principle of Sustainable Development. In this way we will be able to satisfy the needs of today's society without compromising the requirements of future generations. For this reason, we collaborate closely with our suppliers, our clients and with the consumer

The business policy of SALICA, as a food manufacturer/distributor is based on Quality, Social and Environmental Aspects and on the Safety and Well-being of its workers.

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