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History of Salica

SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIA was set up in 1990 following the merger of two Bermeo-based canning companies with a long family tradition: Campos and Astorquiza. The aim was to create a new, more modern and more competitive production plant. 

In 1999, SALICA ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS was set up, a sister company located in Galicia and engaged exclusively in the production of frozen tuna. In 2004, a new 6000 m2 production plant was inaugurated as a result of the firm belief in the potential of this new company.


With SALICA INDUSTRIA ALIMETARIA AND SALICA ALIMENTOS CONGELADOS we already have long experience as a manufacturer of canned goods and frozen products in the Spanish food sector and at an international level, both in the wholesale distribution segment, in retail distribution and as a catering distributor.


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