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Manufacturer’s guarantee

SALICA has two manufacturing plants in Spain and one in Ecuador, specialised in canning fish and in frozen products, offering the complete range of packaging size formats, species and condiments in both lines of business.

To this end, it has the most modern processes of manufacture and workers specialised in the preparation of these products, with the guarantee of the most important international certifications: BRC, IFS, FDA, ISO, EMAS, from both the point of view of quality as well as from that of the environment and workplace risk prevention.

SALICA, moreover, belongs to the ALBACORA GROUP, the largest tuna group in Europe, with annual catches of 120,000 tons with their modern, environmentally-friendly and efficient fleets – a guarantee of the supply of high-quality fish.

SALICA is the greatest guarantee in the market, both of supply of fish as well as of the transformation and preparation of our products.

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