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Exclusive product

The Campos delicatessen line is made up of exclusive products for this sector.

CAMPOS black label Alabacore Tuna in olive oil guarantees you exclusive production of the most select bonito and available in three formats: oval tin of 115g (OL 120), box of twelve 100g tins (RO 100).

In frozen foods we also have an exclusive product, the MSC Bonito, traceable from its point of origin and certified as artisan and environmentally-friendly fish product by the Marine Stewardship Council.

The “ventresca” or tuna belly is the tasty and most succulent meat with a delicate flavour taken from the belly part of the fish. Your customers can enjoy Campos Ventresca, both canned and frozen. Canned Albacore Tuna (115g) and Yellowfin Tuna (111g), both in olive oil.

In frozen foods, we have Tuna Ventresca, vacuum packed to keep its organoleptic properties in a 250g box. In this way the consumer can prepare this delight from the sea to their taste.

CAMPOS mussels in picke sauce, clams, razor shells and cockles in brine, selected from the Rías Gallegas, large-sized pieces for the most exigent consumer, in tins of 115g.

The Yellowfin Tuna range in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a value- added one, bringing together all the flavour of the tuna with that of the best, first pressing, oil, at an attractive price for the consumers


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